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writer & artist: Rafał Mikołajczyk
Based on the novel by Stanisław Lem
colour, hardcover
format: A4,  288 pages
publication years: 2019
genre: hard sci-fi
rights: Booka
ISBN: 978-83-955214-0-9

The comic book „The Invincible” by Rafal Mikolajczyk
is a graphic adaptation of Stanislaw Lem’s hard science
fiction novel, published in 1964.

Based on the novel by Stanisław Lem


The Invincible of the title is an intergalactic cruiser sent to the planet Regis III on a mission to find its twin craft, the Condor. The contact with the Condor was lost under unexplained circumstances shortly after it landed on the planet. As the crew of the Invincible uncovers the secrets of the Regis III, more mysteries emerge and questions arise that the characters cannot clearly answer. All they can do is spin conjectures and hypotheses about past and present events.